Ryan Job

    This customer, located in highland, Ut., was concerned about the driveway being all broken up and cracked and the retaining wall on the edge of the driveway that stuck out 18 inches past the edge of the house, making their RV parking 18 inches narrower. We proposed removing and replacing with our special driveway mix 7 1/2 bag with super-plasticizers and micro fibers in the concrete, and pouring a new retaining wall flush with the house. Also we added a gutter-bridge with a 12x3 inch channel iron 3/8 inch thick, also including a rebar mat 12 inches on center each way. Rebar was also drilled into the foundation and existing slabs to control settling. We also added a curb to the top of the retaining wall to prevent driving over. We were pleased with the results and so was the customer.     Double-click on the images below to see a larger view.